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Smart Storage Kitchen Ideas

Categories: Home Owner Tips, New Homes in Raleigh | Posted: February 21, 2020

If you’re currently looking for new homes in Raleigh or if you’re already in your new Mattamy home, then chances are home design and organization are first priority when moving into your new home. A new home is like a blank slate; you can re-invent yourself however you want apart from your old home. A place people generally struggle with storage for their new home is the kitchen area. No one wants clutter out in the open area of their kitchen that you constantly have to hide and shove away when guests come over. So, struggle no more as Mattamy Homes has some great tips on kitchen storage in ways you never thought of before!

The first tip? Stash your stuff in plain sight! This may sound odd since we just touched on not having stuff out and cluttered around. However, consider the idea of adding open shelving to your kitchen. This will provide plenty of storage while keeping everyday serveware, pots and pans within easy reach. For the true chef, built-in knife slots in a kitchen butcher-clock island keep culinary tools handy and stored at the same time.

Those of you with kids will love tip number two. Keep your little ones busy while you finish up dinner with hideaway kitchen storage for art supplies. Rollout shelves in any cabinet make the most of the storage space. Your kids will be able to access crayons, paper and anything else you want them to have access too and then just close the cabinet doors to hide it all away.

Tip number three is a big help, when it comes to pantry space and organization. Anyone with any type of pantry knows that organization and maximizing the space you have is hard. However, shelves, pullout baskets and shallow drawers added to your pantry will ensure your pantry offers a place for everything and keeps everything in its place. If you don’t have a pantry or your pantry doesn’t offer as much space as you need, convert a small closet into an orderly and spacious pantry.

Lastly, another great idea to keep your kitchen counters clean is to keep root vegetables, like onions and potatoes, fresh longer by storing them in a cool, dry, dark place. Take open weave baskets, which provide air circulation and place them in your lower kitchen cabinets. This will not only keep them out of the way but also keep them fresher longer!

Hopefully these tips help you make the most of your kitchen space and help when unpacking everything in your new home!



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