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How to Get Organized and Stay Organized in 2013- Part 2

Categories: Home Owner Tips, In The News | Posted: January 23, 2013

In Part 1 of this blog, we covered the ways in which you can keep your closet neater and your surfaces free of paper clutter. In this post we will cover how to keep your pantry and refrigerator clean and free of old food and beverages. We will also cover ideas on how to keep your family room a place where you and your children can coexist!

Pantry. No matter the size of your pantry, it always seems too small. For some reason, the bigger it is the more food you want to put in it, causing it to shrink daily. One way to avoid the shrinking of your pantry is to throw out ALL the boxes of food. Not the food inside, just the cardboard boxes in which you buy them. Next, go to Wal-Mart, Target, wherever you typically buy any plastic containers. There you will find food-specific containers. They’re great for storing cereal, pasta, chips, goldfish, pretzels, cookies, granola bars, animal crackers and just about anything else you can think of. When you walk in your pantry and see these clear containers and the amount of food in each, you will know whether or not you really need to buy more. Another benefit is that the container is sealed after each use. This means no more searching for chip clips and no more stale food!


Pop Containers for Food Storage


Fridge. The fridge is another a target for clutter. Knowing how to keep your fridge organized is a huge step towards saving money and keeping food fresh. First, make sure the items in your fridge are not expired. If they are, toss them. Check all your produce and leftovers. Do they look bad? If so, toss them too. You may already notice you have more room. Next, go ahead and put everything that is “ready to eat” on the top shelf. Do this in descending order for each shelf.  However, make sure to place any and all seafood on the second shelf. Most importantly, make sure you have space between the items on each shelf. When there’s not enough space for air to circulate, food tends to go bad before it should. Finally, as always, do an inventory of what you have in your fridge before each trip to the grocery store.


Organized Fridge

The Family Room. Also known as the kid’s playroom, the dining area and the chill-out zone. That’s already too many purposes for one room. Especially when you have to convert it into an entertainment room for guests. Don’t worry, there are ways for your family members to coexist in this space. The kids’ toys need a place to go when they are not being used. Don’t push them all up on the wall. It clutters the room and makes it easy for ALL the toys to be thrown in the middle of the room. Instead, purchase a small toy box. This eliminates the amount of toys that can be in the room. It also signifies that the toys are to be out of sight. Consider the saying “out of sight out of mind.” When the toys are in the box, you are no longer viewing the room as a playroom. Two more things to keep in mind: 1) have a spot to put stray parts to toys. There’ll always be something that’s missing but will turn up when you step on it in the middle of the night. 2) Put your kids’ favorite toys at the top of the toy box. That way they are less likely to pull everything out.

The family room is also a target for loose trash and other items. Eliminate as many surfaces as possible so no one is tempted to leave any of said items laying around. If it’s still a problem, put a small trashcan in the room. Put it in plain view and remember to empty it regularly.


Toddler and Toys

Stay tuned or the third and final blog post of the “How to Get Organized and Stay Organized in 2013” series.

How to Get Organized and Stay Organized in 2013- Part 1

Categories: Home Owner Tips, In The News | Posted: January 21, 2013

It’s that time of year again when we decide that this year we will be more organized. This year, we will not let the house get cluttered. This year, we will throw away old magazines, keep the fridge clean, buy bins to keep the kids’ toys in so no one steps on a Lego in the middle of the night.

We’ve come across some tried and true tricks on how you can stay organized this year and hopefully throughout the next few!

Paper. Even though the world is well into its digital age, we still seem to have paper cluttering our homes. Maybe it’s bills that you didn’t go “green”  on and forgot to switch to the paperless option. Maybe it’s coupons or materials that you don’t remember subscribing to? Maybe you just prefer paper to online. Whatever the case may be, paper is a culprit for unwanted clutter. So take this time to splurge on what you feel will help you be more organized!

Buy a paper sorter or tray. Label them so that you have one for bills, one for coupons and one for stuff you don’t need to look at just yet. Make sure you clean it out every Sunday and then start fresh the next week. If you need ideas on what type of sorter or tray to purchase, check out the Container Store. If you need to find a drawer where you can toss the papers, clean one out. Put a tray on the bottom of the drawer. When the tray is too full, it’s time to sort. What may also help is to keep a recycling bag or box near the front door or the door you walk in after retrieving your mail. Go ahead and trash the stuff you know you won’t glance at. That way, it doesn’t end up cluttering the kitchen table later.


Bamboo Paper Sorter

Creating Shelf Space. If you are constantly shoving more items into your linen or bathroom closet, then you may be constantly frustrated and constantly promising you’re going to clean out the closet. That seems like a daunting task. Instead, look for certain items and learn how to stow them elsewhere. For instance, if you are keeping your cleaning supplies in the bathroom closet, .why not put it in a plastic container and keep it on the floor near your broom and mop? This might be in the pantry or laundry room. That way, if a bottle is about to run out, you won’t be tempted to shove it further back on the shelf. Instead, you’ll have to throw it away in order to make room in the box.


Easy-to-Carry Container

Another way to create more shelf space is to take out the sets of sheets. First, take the old ones you don’t use anymore and donate them. Second, recognize which sets you use for each bedroom. Take those sets and put them in between the mattress and box spring in the appropriate bedroom. Easy to find and they won’t get wrinkly. Same idea with those bulky blankets that are taking up way too much room. Find a box to put underneath the bed or in a chest at the end of the bed. Toss the blankets in and you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your closet will already look!

Stay tuned for more ideas on how to stay organized this year by following our blog!

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