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Newlywed searching for a new home?

Categories: New Homes in Apex | Posted: July 19, 2019


Fall has quickly become the new “it” wedding season. Will you find yourself in the same boat, newly married this Fall? Chances are, home buying may be on your horizon as you begin to start a new chapter in your life and might be like one of the many newlyweds in the home buying market this year. Buying your first home can be a huge task to take on together as a couple, especially if neither of you know the process you need to take in order to buy a new home. Royal Oaks, a Division of Mattamy Homes, a premier homebuilder for new homes in Apex, shares tips you can use as you take on the home buying process together.

First things first, be sure to get your budget, credit score and financing taken care of as your first priority. This will give you your starting place as to how much home you can comfortably afford, so you can search accordingly.

The next thing you will want to look at is the neighborhoods that appeal to you and how far away you will be from work, but also any recreation you need in your daily life. For example, if you spend a lot of time downtown and work downtown, choosing a home 30 minutes away in the suburbs might not be the most practical choice for your lifestyle and commute. This can also affect your budget in the gas mileage you will have to invest daily.

Once you find an area that is most desirable for you to move, consider the size of the home you can afford and will need over at least the next five years. It is best not to purchase a home that suits you now, but one that will suit you five, seven or more years from now as well. Buying a home that is perfect for the two of you, but will be cramped if you decide to have a baby in the next couple of years could force you to have to move sooner than you may want. So, plan on a home you can grow into.

Be sure to figure in not just what your mortgage will be each month, but what you plan to spend on utilities, cable, car payments, student loans, food, furniture, credit cards, and other activities such as eating out, entertainment and so on. This way you can sit down together and figure out what your monthly expenses are, what you should allocate to bills, saving and “fun” money. Then you can be sure you don’t buy more house than you can afford and have to sacrifice a social life because you are “house poor.”

Another important thing you will want to keep on the forefront of your mind as you search will be safety and the locations that you look in. Be sure to investigate the safety of the neighborhoods you are looking in and see what the crime rates are like in those areas. You may be able to find a great deal on a home, but you don’t want to sacrifice safety for a good deal. Even though you won’t be living alone, it won’t be a smart move for your marriage or future family.

Lastly and most importantly, be sure to keep the communication open when it comes to not only searching for and purchasing a new home, but also what comes after you finally move in. Upkeep on the home and ongoing chores can create stress or issues in a marriage if they aren’t discussed ahead of time. Talk about who is responsible for what, if you want to divide and conquer or split the household chores evenly. Also, be sure to consider one another’s schedule. If one partner has long hours and a hectic work schedule, and the other has more free time, consider picking up some of the household duties and taking them off their plate so they don’t have to mess with it during the time they do have to enjoy at home.


These simple tips will start you off on the right foot for your new home and new marriage as well.



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