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Home Search 101: How to best research a property online

Categories: New Homes in Raleigh | Posted: May 31, 2019

If you’re in the market this spring for a new home in Raleigh, you are most likely like every other buyer and spending countless hours online doing research to help you find the perfect new home. However, once you narrow your search down to a home you feel comfortable putting an offer on, what can you do to ensure that home is the right one for you? Royal Oaks Homes, a division of Mattamy Homes, shares three tips that can help you do more online digging towards your prospective new home.

No days, it is amazing how much information you can find online. The internet is full of data on past home sales, home prices in the area, the history of each sale of a resale home, neighborhood activity and so on. There is very little you can’t find online now when it comes to a home or the area around the home.

One of the things you will want to consider when researching a possible home is the building records. Most all public information and documentation is available online. You can also typically find building permit history as well.

Even though by law, sellers must disclose work done to the property, there may have been work done by a previous owner you may want to know about if you are looking at a resale home.

One thing buyers need to watch out for is any work that was done on a home, without a permit. If updates were made and not up to a health or safety code, if you become the owner and look to sell down the road that could be your issue to deal with even if you weren’t the one to make the update.

The best way to search for records like these is to search for “building records” and then the city you are looking to purchase a home in.

If you haven’t already utilized Google street view to look at your prospective new home, enter the address of the home into Google and hit search. You will see a thumbnail image of the home pop up next to the map with the location of the home, and if you click on the image you can see what the home looked like prior to being listed on the market. Most often, these photos were taken a few years in advance and can give you an idea of any work that might have been done to the exterior, prior to selling.

You can research a lot about school districts and individual schools online these days. You can search district test score numbers, student to teacher ratios, parent reviews and if there are any special learning options if you have a child who needs special teaching requirements or advanced learning opportunities.

The final piece you want to be sure to check when you’re doing your online due diligence in background history of a home, is to find a neighborhood crime app and due some digging. You can check things like sex offenders, crime, homicides, theft, robbery and so on that have gone on in the area. Especially if you have children or plan on having children in the home you are looking to buy, these are very important to consider for their safety as well.



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