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Social Media For Residential Builders

Categories: Home Buying Tips | Posted: August 24, 2012

As a builder, waiting for potential buyers to visit your new homesites without a little encouragement is a waste of time—reaching and engaging with potential buyers must be a proactive effort on your part that consists of finding out where and how your prospects prefer to receive information and interact with others. With more people than ever before regularly using social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to serve this purpose, it is of the upmost importance that builders strategically join the conversation. Each social media tool offers a unique opportunity to communicate your company’s value and engage with potential buyers.

Recently, Royal Oaks Building Group President Rich Van Tassel served as a contributor for Construction Today and wrote about the importance of social media in today’s residential construction market. In the article, Rich discusses how social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and emerging networks like Pinterest can benefit residential builders in reaching younger Americans who are ready to purchase new homes and settle down, but will be more likely to make an initial choice online rather than visiting in person.

Additionally, Rich explains the importance of tailoring social media efforts for each network. This practice will maximize the impact of communication with target audiences and help to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships rather than one-time interactions.

To learn more and read the full version of this article, visit: Construction Today.

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