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Don’t Tread On Me! A Word From Your Hardwood Floors

Categories: Angier, Home Owner Tips | Posted: April 4, 2013

Hardwood floors seem to be one of the first things new home buyers ask about when considering an available home or when given customizable options to build their own.  And it’s no wonder why – hardwood floors are sleek, elegant, timeless, add to the overall value of your home, and frankly offer many significant cleaning advantages to that of either tile or carpeting.  But even these over time will show signs of age.  So what are we to do?

Sweep and Polish
As part of your weekly cleaning routine, take just a few minutes to sweep your floors with a soft bristled broom.  Why soft?  These are generally higher quality brooms and these will prevent scratching the floor itself and it will attract more dust, dirt, and other things on your floor rather than just simply pushing it around by unyielding straw.  Take some time to polish your floor approximately once per month.  An easy do-it-yourself solution that’s also environmentally friendly is to take a sponge and dip it into a water and white vinegar mixture.  This will effectively clean your hardwood floor without causing costly and occasionally irreparable damage to it.  You’ll apply your polish (whether it’s a store-bought brand or even olive oil) post cleaning to ensure that nothing unwanted is trapped there.

Slippers are Comfy
Many cultures even nowadays consider it bad manners to walk around someone’s home wearing their outdoor shoes.  Treat yourself to a pair of slippers (or house shoes) and train yourself to wander around your home wearing these rather than your hard-soled boots or heels, or even your muddy sneakers.  Not only will you feel more comfortable in your home overall, you can keep from tracking or denting your floors because you’re wholly avoiding that exposure.  And if you remove your shoes upon entering your home, chances are your guests will follow suit.  If you’d like to further welcome company into your home, there are inexpensive and colorful slippers available at most retail stores.

Invest in Rugs
A good area rug or floor runner will most often be what saves your beautiful hardwood floor from serious scrapes – and we mean that literally.  Large furniture pieces are heavy and more often than not, people tend to push or drag them across floors.  Even if they’re not heavy, it’s all too often that a chair will be abruptly shoved back from a table and the damage has already been done.  By placing a fashionable rug beneath the furniture pieces, your hardwood floor will be protected just a bit more from such abuse.

You can preemptively take action against damage and aging of your floors by starting these practices in your home.  These will protect your hardwood floors for years to come.

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