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Detoxing your bedroom 101

Categories: Home Owner Tips, New Homes in Fuquay-Varina | Posted: August 30, 2019


College football is officially in full swing this Labor Day weekend, which means fall is right around the corner. The long weekend might have you attacking some of the DIY home projects on your to-do list that you have not had time (or the desire) to do this summer. While you may be used to hearing about detoxing your body and the health benefits associated with that, have you ever considered detoxing your bedroom? Royal Oaks Homes, a division of Mattamy Homes and premier homebuilder for new homes in Fuquay-Varina, shares why detoxing your bedroom is equally important to your overall health as detoxing your body.

Your bedroom is the one place in your home where you spend an average of 200,000 hours of your life. So, you want the place you go to rejuvenate yourself each day to not only be comfortable but also to be clean.

There are a few areas of your bedroom that if you don’t pay attention too and clean often, can easily get germs and collect dust very fast. If you disinfect these areas often, you can help prevent catching a cold while you catch up on your Z’s!

These are the main items in your home you will want to focus your detoxing efforts on:

Pillows. Most people are used to washing their bedsheets and linens on a weekly basis, but what about your pillows? Pillows often get neglected and if you don’t wash them regularly, your pillows can be the gatekeepers of germs and bacteria right under your nose without you even realizing it.

So how is best to clean your pillow? You will first want to make sure that your pillow can be thrown in the washing machine. If the pillow isn’t machine washable, don’t attempt to wash it anyways as it will most likely explode in the washing machine.

You will want to put two pillows in the washing machine at a time. This will allow the machine to stay balanced as it spins. Use a mind liquid detergent, as a powder detergent will leave residue on your pillows.

Then, run your pillows through the rinse cycle twice to make sure the detergent is out of the pillow. Lastly, throw the pillows in the dryer and add in 2 or 3 tennis balls that are wrapped in socks. This will help you fluff your pillows without the work!

The paint in your room will be the next area you want to check out and even consider putting a fresh new coat up as one of your summer projects. If the paint in your bedroom is not a low or non-VOC paint, purchase one that is and give your bedroom a nice new coat of much healthier paint to be in your atmosphere. Paint with VOCs, also known as volatile organic compounds, causes a big source of indoor air pollution and even is linked to risks of cancer, liver and kidney damage.

The next place in your room you will want to keep an eye out to keep clean will be the curtains in your room, if you have them. The best way to keep mold out of your bedroom is to open your shades and let the sunshine overpower any mold that may be growing in your bedroom. The sun helps remove excess moisture that make be hanging out. Get in the rhythm of opening your curtains in the morning and let the sun shine in all day long.

As a bonus, pull back your duvet cover and let the sun beam down on your pillows and sheets as well.

Lastly, if you have trouble falling asleep at night try taking a break from electronics at least an hour before you hit the hay. Electronics can disrupt your natural sleep habits, so limiting any screen time with any device an hour before bed can have you drifting off to sleep much quicker and easier.


Put these tips on your to-do list this Labor Day weekend and each turning season to help keep you healthy year round.



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