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4 Parade Homes Win Awards – The Monroe, The Stewart, The Edenton & The Bennett

Categories: Awards, Events, Uncategorized | Posted: October 16, 2018

The Monroe Model at Fairview Park in Cary, NCOn Monday, October 15 home builders from all over the Triangle came together to celebrate the 2018 Awards Ceremony for the Annual Raleigh-Wake County Parade of Homes.

Royal Oaks has participated in the Parade of Homes for many years now, and as our first year as a division of Mattamy Homes, we are so excited about the awards we brought home last night:

  • GOLD – The Monroe at Fairview Park, Cary (Tour The Monroe)
  • GOLD – The Bennett at Wendell Falls, Wendell (Tour The Bennett)
  • GOLD – The Stewart at Wendell Falls, Wendell
  • BRONZE – The Edenton at Oak Park, Garner (Tour The Edenton)

This weekend is the final weekend for Parade! Everything ends this Sunday, October 21 at 5:00 pm. Take advantage of these free, self-guided tours and see what’s trending in the home building and design industry!

Click here to view all 12 of our featured Parade Homes!

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How To: The 101 on Cleaning Out Your Fridge

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: March 2, 2018

As summer comes to an end and the kids start going back to school, you may find yourself around the house more on the weekends once the school year kicks back into gear and the pools close for the season. This also means that you might start tackling home cleaning and home improvement projects that you have been putting off all summer, in favor of days by the pool. Royal Oaks Homes, a premier homebuilder for new homes in Apex, shares the top tips for how to correctly clean your fridge both quickly and efficiently.

Since your fridge is the hardest working appliance in your kitchen, it is good to keep it clean and organized to be sure it lasts you a long time in years, as well as gets rid of any breeding bacteria that may be lurking around from last fall when you last cleaned it out.

To give your fridge a thorough cleaning, you only need the following three items:

Baking Soda

A sponge or brush to clean with

Some soft cloths or paper towel

The first order of business will be to get rid of anything in your fridge that is either expired, or you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Chances are, even if it isn’t expired, it is just taking up space in your fridge at this point.

Work your way from top to bottom, and be sure to do the freezer at the same time.

Then, working from the top shelf down, remove the items on each shelf and remove the shelves themselves over to the sink. You will want to leave the shelves in the sink until they warm up to room temperature. Immediately starting to clean a cold shelf can cause them to crack.

Once your shelves have warmed up, mix equal parts baking soda with hot water and use that as your cleaning agent. You want to use the baking soda mixture over a dish soap, because your food will absorb the dish soap when you put them back in the fridge.

Next, while your shelves dry you can move to the walls of your fridge. Use the same baking soda mixture and scrub the inside, outside and handles of your fridge with the mixture. Let the solution sit for a few minutes before wiping it off with a cloth or paper towel, to ensure the areas get clean and rid of harboring bacteria.

If you have any lingering odor in your fridge, place an opened box of baking soda in the fridge and it will neutralize the odor, making it go away after a day or two.

Next, reassess what needs to go back in your fridge. Also, be sure you aren’t putting certain foods in the fridge that are better left out at room temperature. What common foods are no-no’s for the fridge? Avocados, onions, tomatoes, basil and potatoes are all foods that will keep better and longer if left out on the counter.

Lastly, organize the food and condiments as you put them back in the fridge. Keep in mind that the door is the ideal place for condiments and items that don’t need to be super cold, since it is the warmest part of your fridge. Dairy, for example, should never be kept in the door of a fridge!

Hopefully these tips leave you with not only a better looking and more organized fridge, but a healthier one as well.


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