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Augmented Reality – The Future of Home Buying

Categories: Smart Homes | Posted: September 5, 2017

Augmented Reality or AR, is going to be the new future of home buying…

Most people by this point, have heard of or even experienced Virtual Reality (VR), but the biggest problem that VR has is you are tethered to a computer or have to strap on a head set to experience anything at all. Who has all that equipment laying around or even wants to? However, we ALWAYS have our phones with us!

Well, Augmented Reality is almost here, and you are going to love it! AR frees us up quite a bit and allows us to experience it using just our phone or tablet. AR makes it possible to “overlay” something that doesn’t exist yet onto our current surroundings, using your phone or tablets camera and software. Well, today I got to experience AR in person, and well, it is awesome and has an endless number of possibilities!

Matt Riley stands by a virtual home in our Sonoma Springs community in Fuquay Varina, NCI had the pleasure of spending some time with John Lee, CEO of Rendering House based in Holly Springs NC. John and his team are always staying on the bleeding edge of technology and are always working on the “next big thing.” Well, today was no exception. In one Royal Oaks Homes Community, Sonoma Springs, we were able to test The Monroe Floor Plan for the very first time with Augmented Reality. We have a video below showing what we were able to see, but let me lay it out for you.

Through the iPhone camera and app, we were able to drop a rendering of the home to scale in the living room and most importantly on a blank lot. Then, we were able to interact with the home and walk around it, taking in all the architectural nuances that you cannot experience just looking at a sheet of paper. It was fantastic to interact with a home that doesn’t exist on a piece of land that does exist, that can help answer one of the biggest questions in the homebuilding industry, “What will my home look like on this lot?”

Augmented Reality will show homeowners what their home will look like on any given lot.

While today was just an R&D day to see how things interact in a real world environment, it shows the endless number of ways future home buyers can and will shop for homes. Just imagine being able to put your house on your lot, then virtually… no ACTUALLY, being able to walk through the front door of a home that doesn’t exist yet. Imagine being able to see the view from your future kitchen that doesn’t exist yet. I cannot wait to see what’s next, and how AR will change the way we do business forever!

Augmented reality video

This article originally appeared on Sales and Marketing Today, a blog featuring Royal Oaks’ VP of Sales & Marketing Matt Riley’s latest strategies and real world experiences, from the trenches, in the world of home building.

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