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How to keep a clean home while working full-time

Categories: New Homes in Apex | Posted: November 17, 2017

If you work a full-time job, are married and have kids on top of that, chances are keeping your home clean is something that is a constant struggle and a dreaded all-day event, when you have time off. However, implementing some small steps can help you keep your house clean and forget about the all-day cleaning binges you dread, especially as the holidays roll around and you may have more friends and family in your home than usual. Royal Oaks Homes, a premier homebuilder for Apex new homes, shares how to simplify your home cleaning routine.

The first step in making your housework become less of a chore, is to incorporate small cleaning tasks into your day to day life. Doing this makes cleaning your home less cumbersome, and can become quite enjoyable. Get into the habit of beginning and ending your day with a small amount of picking things up.

You can also get into the habit of making your bed after you wake up in the morning and putting dishes in the dishwasher while you brew your coffee, or cook dinner in the evening. Make it a rule of thumb to put all dishes in the dishwasher and pick up your living room before you go to bed each night. Waking up to a more organized kitchen and living area, make for a better start to your morning than a disheveled home.

The next small step you can make, is to make the time you do clean fun. Turn on your favorite guilt pleasure show or put some headphones in and tune out as you clean up! Truth be told, you can learn to love this zone-out time and have it be some “me-time” to wind down from the day. Cleaning why you enjoy your shows or music won’t leave you feeling guilty for wasting time!

The third step you can put in place is to simplify your chore list. For most people, having everything they need to do down in writing is a helpful way for them to keep track of those items, and it is satisfying to check things off the list as they are completed.

The best way to organize your chore list for a long-term solution, is to break your chore items down into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. Then, you break down your day-to-day items, weekly items, monthly items and yearly items so you can make a realistic chore list for your lifestyle. Items on your yearly section can be things like wiping down the fan blades, cleaning out the oven, or shampooing the carpet.

To simplify your new and organized cleaning list, create a daily cleaning caddy that will have the items in it you need to grab for daily cleaning. Then, you can have either two caddies or a combined caddy for weekly and monthly tasks.

Lastly, once you have given your home a good deep clean the best thing you can do is keep it clean! Do so by keeping paper towels close to your kitchen sink and bathrooms. This way, each day you can wipe down your counter and the inside of your sinks after you use them that day. Same with your showers and floors. Wiping them down or spot cleaning them over time, will keep your home clean in the long haul and not build up mess!



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Garage organization: De-cluttering and storage tips

Categories: Blog, Home Owner Tips | Posted: November 10, 2017

The garage is probably one of the most preferred stash places in your home. The attic is great, but it can be difficult to access. The basement is good, if you have one, but you might worry about dampness. Or you have a finished basement that’s already full.

Rather than continue to pack and stack boxes and bury items so deep that they are essentially lost, spend some time reorganizing your garage. Take back the space! Here are some de-cluttering and storage tips for garage organization.

  • Start with a blank canvas. Remove all the clutter from the garage. Otherwise, you will be shifting things around, not truly organizing them. Sort things out as you go. Set up bins for “Discard”, “Donate”, and “Keep”. Eliminate all items that really aren’t worthy of valuable space (like your t-shirt collection from the 80s). Will you ever repair that broken thingamajig? Be honest with yourself. If these things are buried in your garage, are they worth keeping? Once the garage is empty, sweep and clean the floor. An empty garage is perfect for cleaning the various stains and repairing cracks. You might even consider painting the floor for a really fresh start.
  • Plan the storage zones. Think about the uses of your garage: tools, car care supplies, seasonal décor and clothing, sports gear, lawn and garden care, and paint/home repair, to name a few. You probably also need an area for your trash and recycling. Once you determine the storage zones, choose the most suitable place for each, based on the frequency of use. Label each area so you know where everything will go, and you can visibly see the flow from zone to zone.
  • Design the storage spaces. Your garage offers many options for creating storage zones. In addition to the walls, you have the overhead area where you can attach hooks and shelves. You can install cabinets and pegboards. Explore the local home centers to get ideas for smart storage systems. Invest in a lockable cabinet to store potentially hazardous items (chemicals, sharp tools).
  • Respect the new and improved space. Place the items from your “Keep” stash in the designated storage zones. Give all household members a tour of the new and improved garage and remind them that your garage storage system must be maintained.

Look at your calendar and schedule a weekend for garage organization. Use the reward of not just having a perfectly organized garage but also finding the treasures that have been long lost in the clutter!

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